Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Preschool at the Firestation

What a fun outing for our little Preschoolers. The Firestation let us bring the kids in and they got to see a fireman in his whole uniform with the mask and everything. They put the helmet on each of the kids and I think it weighed more than Felicity...in fact she almost fell over when they put it on. They let the kids get up in the firetruck and check out the equipment. As they were finishing up they actually got called out so the kids got to watch the firetruck leave for an emergency. Then they went to a classroom where one of the firemen taught them about fires and the importance of not playing with matches and fires. He also reminded them to go home and tell their parents to check the fire alarms and change the batteries every 6 months. They got their own little fire helmets and some coloring pages about fire safety. The kids really enjoyed it. I think we need to do more outings like this!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa's property

We went out on a Sunday to visit Grandma and Grandpa Card. We drove up to their property and did a BBQ. They are currently living in their fifth wheel so it was alot like camping. You don't realize how easy it is when you have everything in your kitchen vs. living out of a tiny kitchen with little space. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with them doing so well up there. Felicity loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa and really enjoyed playing on Reed's retaining wall. Well, the start of his retaining wall. I am sure this will be one of Felicity's favorite places to go in the future.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Ogden with the Cousins

We drove up to Ogden to spend some time with the Geddes family and the Knudsen family met us there and we hung out till late that night just chatting. Jonnette, Dawn and I put the kids to bed and stayed up late just enjoying some adult conversation. It always amazes me that when I am with my sisters we can ALWAYS find something to talk about. The cousins really enjoyed hanging out together. I wish when I was growing up I would have had all of those cousins. My kids are pretty lucky to have so many fun cousins to play with.

Going to the Bounce house in Utah

Danielle and the boys and me and the girls went to this fun bounce house when we were visiting. The kids had a blast. At first Victoria (Felicity's cousin) wouldn't go unless either Danielle or myself would go up and down with her. By the end her and Felicity were running up and sliding down together. Keaton and the girls had a blast going down the slides and they were FAST!!! I even enjoyed going on the slides with Alexia. I think we all enjoyed the day out playing!

Spending time with cousins at the Adamson house

Watching Movies in Bed

Watch out those girls were serious with the swords!

Playing dress up...2 princesses and a power ranger!

Slumber party on the floor

Bath time for the Three Amigos

We spent lots of time at Jared and Danielle's house when we were visiting in Utah. Victoria stayed with us while her family spent the week on the slopes in Ogden. Felicity Victoria and Keaton were like the three amigos. They had a blast running around playing together. It is so fun to hang out with cousins but always sad when we have to leave.

More fun pics from the Utah Trip

Hanging at Treena's house

While in Utah we got to spend some time with Tyler's family also. Technically Felicity isn't really cousins with them but she likes to say she is. We sure enjoyed that time playing together.

Vincent's wedding

In January we took a trip to Utah to spend some time with family. We spent a few days at Treena's and the first night we were there was Trevor's cousins wedding. We took a little trip to Alpine and enjoyed the fun night with Trevor's family. We had a good time watching all of the people...people watching is so fun especially with a bunch of BYU students...needless to say I was NOT out cutting the rug but I had a good time visiting with family.

Alicen and Kirk Visit

In January Kirk and Alicen (My baby sis) came to Tahoe for a family trip with Kirk and his family. They were driving through and stopped for a couple hours for a fun dirt bike ride and some lunch. It was fun to have them come visit us in Fernley and Trevor is always up for a ride. We are so glad they took a little time out of their vacation so we could see them!