Thursday, May 30, 2013

Poor Felicity!

Felicity had to get expanders put in her mouth and then had to go to the dentist a week later to get two of her baby teeth pulled for her adult teeth to come in.  It was a pretty rough week for her but she is doing much better.  This pic was obviously before she got numbed with the needle....there were no smiles after that just lots of tears!

My Crazies!
Doesn't everyone have dinner from McDonalds outside Walmart in the bed of the Truck?  Ohhhh!

Marastella hanging out at Circus Circus while her cousins were visiting from Oregon

Marasella eating her gogurt and Alexia taking a break from jumping on the trampoline today!

So this morning the plan was to go do spin and run errands after but by 7:45 this morning Marastella had already been in time out and soon after getting out of time out soap in her mouth!  She is my nonstop yeller/cryer!  From the minute we get in the car she is whining/crying/SCREAMING!  soooo... no gym today and only got two errands done before coming home.  I drove to walmart stopped in their parking lot and decided I just don't have it in me for one more errand with Lexi and Stelli so rushed home without my much needed produce and put her to bed and put a movie on for Lexi while I attach my HUGE pile of dished!!!!  Ohh well there is always tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So much going on at the Card house right now so much to post!  Trevor is quitting his navy job as of Friday and will be starting his own business Card consulting and engineering roof top anchors full time!!!  We are excited for this new chapter the girls have grown so much i will post pictures soon!  I have been the worlds worst blogger but i am going to try one more time we will see how we do!!!  I miss so many of my friends that have moved away and so many of my family that live so far away I feel I have lost touch.  I hope you are all well in your busy lives.....  chat with you soooon!