Monday, May 23, 2011

Off to the hot tub

One of the girls favorite things to do..going to the hottub with their daddy. I just picked the goggles up for the girls for the waterpark. They had to try them out!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Going Dirtbiking with daddy!

Trevor and the girls took a little break from working on the trellis to do a little dirtbiking.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Working on the Trellis

Trevor has officially turned our garage into a paint booth for our trellis we are building in our back yard. Trevor decided to use a little money from his side jobs to splurge on a trellis for us this summer. The girls have loved helping him paint in the garage but Trevor has really done all of the work. I have stayed clear because of the baby so I have been NO help at all. Building it is going to be some hard work but Trevor LOVES these kind of projects. He is behind a desk all the time so when he has a chance to be outside working on stuff he enjoys the time. We are hoping to have it finished over Memorial day weekend. I will post pics as soon as we're done.

Our Doctor's visit

I brought the girls to the doctor's with me to see the baby on the ultrasound but found out since were past the "risky" part of my pregnancy we aren't going to have another one till we go to find out the baby's sex which will be at the end of next month. The girls still got to listen to the heart beat and are so excited about the baby! We stopped at in-n-out burger on our way out of town and grabbed a chocolate shake for the girls as a reward for them being good at the doctor's office....I wanted a burger and fries too!!! This baby LOVES in-n-out!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We are alive!! I am just a SLACKER

Sorry it has been so long I have written....Life has been busy and I have been TIRED! We are expecting our third baby in November and are SO excited for this new addition to our family. Every night Felicity prays for a healthy baby boy and Alexia is convinced it is a girl...ME, I am just ecstatic that we are being blessed with another little spirit..I just pray for a healthy baby! I have been sick and tired and poor Trevor has lived in a messy house with mounds of laundry stacks of dishes and very little help from me. He's probably just happy if I get a shower in during the day. Anyway, I am starting to feel better and ready to start working in the garden. Trevor has been working really hard on the garden this spring so I am ready to pick up while he is getting slammed with a bunch of anchor projects. I think it was a blessing for the year to start out slow with his side business because Trevor has been such a HUGE help to me with the girls and just letting me rest when I need to. I am so thankful for a wonderful husband that is so thoughtful and patient with my "crazy moments"!

Hopefully I will posting soon with some pics of the girls...they are getting soooo big!