Friday, November 26, 2010

My First 10K run

I decided to run a 10K on Thanksgiving morning. Treena and Teeara, Trevor's sisters, ran it with me. That morning I got up late and was a little nervous about running it because it was FREEZING cold out. Well when I got to Scheels it was 11 degrees and I thought I was going to DIE the first mile. My legs felt like lead weights and my lungs were on fire. But after the second mile I had warmed up and started feeling much better. Treena and I finished together at 1 hour and 3 minutes which for my first race ever I was pretty proud of! Teeara finished right after at 1 hour and 11 minutes. We had a great time running the race and Trevor said he would like to try and do it next year...Maybe. Anyway, I hope to sign up for more of these races in the near future. I figure with races in the future I will be better about running on my own.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving weekend

This weekend was the best Pre-Thanksgiving yet. This was our 8th year attending this event in Tahoe city and we SOOO look forward to this weekend every year! We got there Thursday evening just in time to heat up some yummy potato soup and just veg! The next morning we got up and brought the girls down to the bridge where there are usually a ton of big fish, but we didn't see a single one. The water was pretty low and it was FREEZING so we didn't stay long. Felicity found the fun pinecone on our trip that she insisted on bringing home with us. Later we went to the Thrift store and headed back to the cabin. The picture is the view out the back porch at the cabin. You'll see in the next post why I added that picture!

more pictures

So Friday afternoon all our friends got to the cabin and the snow started....we woke up to this view Saturday morning. The girls could barely contain their excitement. They were outside with Trevor while all of us adults worked on food for the big dinner. Later I got my snow gear on and sledded with the girls. Seriously they were probably in the snow for four hours that day. I so enjoyed it too...making snow angels, sledding, eating snow (The girls favorite thing to do), and just laying watching the snow fall. I usually am lame and stay inside while Trevor plays with the girls but I am SO glad I bundled up and got to enjoy the snow with my family! What a beautiful weekend!

Saturday dinner

Me and Alexia relaxing on the couch after a yummy dinner

Joan and Wee Gee enjoying the yummy dinner

Joan, Me, and Wee Gee getting some food ready for pre-thanksgiving dinner

Carol and Wee Gee

The beautiful icicles forming!

Saturday night we had a yummy Turkey cooked by Trevor and Tom. They boys had to work very hard to get the too big turkey in the rotisserie machine. They tried to put it in but it was WAY to big so Trevor cut the wings off. They started the bird and after a little bit it started to smoke. The stuff they had tied the bird up with wasn't working and the bird would hit the side ever time it turned and a big puff of smoke would come out of the machine. SOOO they had to pull the bird out and shave off some of the legs so the machine was not smoking every few seconds. The turkey turned out wonderful after all was said and done. Every year it seems like there is something with the bird. One year the rotisserie machine made the annoying squeaking noise every time it turned and we all thought we were going to go crazy from the noise. Finally Trevor took some olive oil and covered all the parts with the oil and it worked, no more squeaks.

We were sad to not see all of our friends this year because of the snow or other plans but we are hoping everyone will be able to make it next year. We had a small intimate group this year which we loved just the same. It was fun catching up with old friends we don't get to see very often. I think that is our favorite part of the weekend...We are so thankful this year for the friends we have met during this FUN weekend.

For dinner we had all the fixings and it was yummy as always.

Thanks to Larry and Wee Gee for always being willing to share their wonderful cabin with all of us over this weekend. They always make us and the kids feel so welcome and right at home!

Sunday morning in Tahoe

Trevor stuck the girls in the was as tall as they were

The girls with their monkeys

checking out all the new snow

Tom and Carol's car covered in snow...all you could see was their mirrors!

Out the back of the cabin...can't even see the deck after the 3+ feet of snow!

Saturday evening we had the gift exchange and Larry and Wee Gee were so sweet to give the girls little matching Fur Real monkey's that made little monkey noises. The girls insisted on sleeping with them and we insisted on shutting the noise off so we could actually sleep. They were VERY excited about their fun toys that Larry and Wee Gee were so sweet to give them!

Sunday morning we woke up to MORE SNOW!!! It snowed about two feet overnight. The girls were ecstatic and ready to go play some more. The plan was to go to the Firesign for breakfast but there was no way we were getting out until the plow came. So Trevor and Tom made a yummy breakfast and we all just stayed at the cabin.

After breakfast the girls got their snow clothes on and played in the snow some more. This time the snow was as tall as they were. Trevor shoveled while they played and finally the plow came and we all were able to head home.

What a FUN weekend we had....and what a blessing to get so much snow...This is the first Pre-Thanksgiving that Felicity will remember so I am glad it was such a fun one!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keeping up on our list

Well on Sunday we did one item on our list..make and deliver cookies. Felicity insisted on delivering the cookies by herself while I sat in the car! Then Monday it was off to the park where we were swinging, kicking the ball, petting the three dogs that came through the park, and going for a walk that took about an hour but was about 1 block...seriously! Alexia always wants to walk on the outside curb of the sidewalk like a balance beam...which mean a VERY slow walk!!! As we were walking Felicity says "Mommy, that's silly to have mail in the tree!" I was confused until she pointed to a small pine tree by the house that still had it's tree tag on it..she thought it was a piece of mail in it. We got a little giggle out of that one! Today it was supposed to be hot tub time but Felicity's little friend called and was going to the park, so off we went for another fun day at the park. I have a hard time keeping my girls inside when the weather is so beautiful!

We got home, had dinner, and Trevor came home with a big surprise for the girls a VHS player. Our last one was eating our ANCIENT tapes so Trevor was at the military thrift store on base (Yeah his favorite place to go at lunch time)and found one for $2. Got home hooked it up and it actually worked, can you believe that? Anyway tonight the girls and I snuggled up on the couch in a blanket and watched Brother Bear. What a great movie, the girls just love it! Now Everyone is tucked in bed including Trevor and here I am...writing!

I am so thankful for my life and my family! I am so thankful for the Temple and the comfort it gives me knowing my family and I are sealed together. Tonight I was talking to Felicity about our good friend Kaye Brown passing away and explained to her that Kaye was in Heaven right now and when her husband passed away some day they would be able to be together again. Then I told her if one of us died we are sealed together forever. We will all be able to live together on the earth now and when we all die we will live together with our Heavenly Father.

I am thankful for little teaching moments like these where during that short time before bed with nothing to distract us Felicity and I can have these nice little talks with each other.

When I put Alexia to bed tonight we read books and worked on her words a little and we kneeled to say her prayer and she actually wanted to say the prayer. I obviously said it and she repeated it, I was so proud of her! Then as we were laying there I told her I loved her and she said she loved me! I know that seems like a simple thing but this is the first time she has said she loved me without being prompted.. I just wanted to write that down so I never forget it!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What a day

I kept going back and forth as to get a babysitter for the girls and going to a sealing at the Temple for a sweet family in the ward. Last minute I got a babysitter in Spanish Springs dropped the girls and I was off to the temple. I am SOOOO glad I made the effort to make it there what a special spirit that was in that sealing. I kept it together till the daughters came into the room to be sealed to their parents and I just lost it. I am thankful for the sweet spirit I felt and for the words that were spoken. Much of the ceremony I found meaning in for myself the importance of loving the Lord so we can love our spouses more.. the fact that we will be kind if we love our Lord and that is something I really need to work at being kinder! I love President Wadsworth! Every sealing I have been to he has done and every time I walk away feeling there were things said there just for me...I feel fulfilled, loved, motivated, and so much more! I was truly on a high today recommitting to be a better mom, a better wife, and a better person in general.

Then, the floor fell out...Tonight I learned from a friend that a dear friend in the ward that just went to the hospital for strep is dying. I had NO idea it was so serious just two weeks ago she had stayed late after the Trunk R Treat helping Summer and I do the dishes. What a precious memory I will hold in my heart forever. My prayers are with her family at this time and for the ward family we have. What a huge loss this will be for all of us. I Feel like today has been a total emotional roller coaster for me. I don't know that the situation has really sunk in. As I was sitting in the sealing I was thinking of going to her sealing just about a year ago and how thankful I was that she had been able to be sealed to her husband for time and eternity.

This experience also reminded me how short this life is and how quickly life can change. It made me want to go home and hold my family close to me and just love them....Because life is so unpredictable and precious!!!

DIY projects

So, For the last few months I have been a major blog hopper trying to get ideas to decorate. I think seeing other people make junk into beautiful things motivated me to try some fun projects. I started out spray painting a bunch of stuff. Then we moved onto bigger and better stuff.

I have been wanting a desk in my room to keep my couponing stuff and paperwork on so Trevor's desk in the office would stay clean. Anyway I found this desk on craigslist for free so we went and picked it up realizing the color was not what I wanted. So Trevor and I decided we would paint it. I was going to go buy the paint when I found someone giving a bunch of paint away so I went over and found the perfect color for my room. (The pictures of the desk are actually a shade lighter than it actually is) Trevor did most of the work but I LOVED the desk when it was done!

Next I needed a chair for my desk. I found this FABULOUS material for a fabric pumpkin that I never got around to making so we decided to use it for my chair. Trevor had these OLD chairs from college that some one had given to him and we decided to paint it and cover it to see how it would look...pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

On to the kitchen...why stop when your having so much fun right? We have had our kitchen chairs since we bought our first house 7 years ago. We usually wash them every 6 months but they get pretty gross with a two year old and five year old. Anyway, the other day I found exactly what I wanted at the fabric store and $25 later it looks like we have new chairs! I am so excited!

I have realized over the last few projects with a little time and minimal materials you can turn something from trash to treasure so now I am looking around my house to see what fun projects lay in store for us...

Maybe the shelf I pulled out of my neighbors garbage???? HAHAHAH
Really it was beside the garbage so technically I WASN'T dumpster diving!!!!

More DIY pictures

Felicity was a trooper helping wash the chairs off and being our little helper. She was up till almost ten loving every minute of it.

Seriously don't judge me in this pic, 10 minutes to get to a meeting I couldn't be late to still in the shower with Alexia so I ran out of the house in hubby's sweatshirt a wet hair bun (my LEAST favorite hairstyle of all time) and no makeup...not my finest hour..I'm just saying...cut me some slack. I was tempted not to add the pic but the concentration on both of our faces is priceless!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Making fruit loop necklaces and dominoes

Friday morning Trevor had to work on his anchor stuff so to keep the girls entertained we did fruit loop necklaces and played dominoes. Felicity really enjoyed the dominoes, Alexia pretty much just kept throwing them on the floor...whatever makes her happy right? I have decided to try and do more fun things with my girls this week. Laying in bed last night Felicity and I came up with ten fun things we are going to do this week...
1. make and deliver cookies
2. Take a walk
3. Go to the park
4. Go to the swimming pool
5. I take them in the hot tub during the day (We have had that hot tub forever and I have NEVER took the girls in it Trevor always does...Felicity about jumped for joy she was so excited I was actually going to bring them in the hot tub!
6. Deliver hand soap to a few of our new neighbors
7. Go to the bowling alley and play in the ball area
8. Go for a dirt bike ride with daddy
9. Spend next weekend in Tahoe
10. I forgot!! See it's probably a good thing I wrote it down now! I have short term memory loss

Anyway, I'm excited to try and have more fun with my girls...I want my girls to have fun memories of me not just memories of me stressing out over the house or's to hoping we all have a fun filled week with our kids...because really isn't that what life is all about, our families?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Felicity quote of the day

I lay down with my girls every night for bed time...I have done it since Felicity was born. A while back Trevor was laying down with Felicity and he was telling her she is old enough to go to bed by herself without having mommy lay with her. I later told Trevor I WANTED to lay down with my girls every night because it gives us a few precious moments together and some day she will NOT want me to lay down with her so I am going to enjoy this time.

Anyway tonight I layed down with Felicity and we were just chatting about the day when she asks me..."Mommy, why does Jesus where the same outfit EVERY day?" I said well maybe he has 10 outfits that all just look the same. Maybe you should ask the Bishop, he's pretty smart. (thinking he would get a little chuckle out of the question.) Her response was.."LORON???" "He is JUST Chloe's daddy" We both started to giggle like giddy little girls in her bed. What a great way to end the day. My hope and prayer is my girls will be so used to me laying down with them at night that when they are in their teens in the quiet right before bed they will feel comfortable to share their joys and sorrow with me as we snuggle.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alexia's new sleep schedule

So for the last week Alexia has been waking up at 5:15a.m. or earlier every morning. I have gotten to the point where I get up get her a bag of cereal get her a sippy cup of milk put a "Doggy movie" on and go back to bed. Usually about a half hour later I hear my little Alexia opening the door saying poopy mommy poopy. So up I go again changing the diaper and rewinding the movie and crawl back in bed it is only MAYBE 6:00 if I'm lucky. Now some of you might think 6:00 isn't that early but for me it is SOOOO early. The next hour pretty much consists of me trying to get up and Alexia coming in every 5 minutes needing something. I am feeling so tired!!!! I really hope she adjusts to this new time and starts getting back to her 6:30a.m. wake up time.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Felicity and Olivia's all day play date!

Janie was out of town with her sister in Utah so Olivia got to come over after school and the girls were so excited because she got to stay until it was DARK!!! We had a great time coloring pictures for Sharon Mulls Birthday then we drove over and sang happy birthday to her and visited for a little bit. Then we came home and the girls changed into matching pj's. (they like to match p.j's, dress up, swimsuits, etc. Whatever Felicity has that matches they wear it! I have to admit it is pretty funny watching them play together. After everyone was in Pj's we "rented" Toy story 3 (Santa still has to bring it for Christmas) and watched it together with some popcorn and yeast of course. I no longer ask if the girls want the yeast on the popcorn, if I forget it I get reminded how important the yeast is. In fact after they finished the popcorn (without my knowledge)they dumped about 1/2 cup of yeast in their cups and ate it....yep. I should probably keep a little closer eye on the two of them when they are together!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Trunk R Treat

The kids had a great time at the ward Trunk R Treat. We had a chili cook off and then everyone went outside to get some candy. This year I let the girls decide what they wanted to be. Felicity was our little angel and Alexia was our little cheerleader. They had a blast running around with their friends in fact Felicity wouldn't even let us go with her she just wanted to walk around with her little friend/cousin Chloe. We decided not to trick or treat on Halloween day because it was on Sunday besides we did NOT need to eat anymore candy for sure!!!

More trunk R treat pics

So, I actually won the chili cook off...secret ingredient Diet Dr. Pepper! Just wanted to share a few more pictures from our night. I am so sad Trevor was so busy taking pictures that I never got to take a picture of him with the girls. That is one bummer thing about helping with the events I always feel like I'm running around with my head cut off!

Also, this will be the last time you will see me in those glasses. Trevor and I decided to get Lasik for my eyes. My eyes have been bothering me for months and I have hardly been able to wear my contacts and I HATE my glasses! So we decided now was a good time to do it so I am officially a non contact non glasses wearing woman. It sounds kinda silly but I feel amazing being able to see my kids early in the morning without having to stumble around looking for my glasses. I am so thankful for a husband that actually really supported me in this because it is definately NOT a cheap procedure, but I have to say now that it is over it was worth every penny!!!