Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hand me downs

I am so thankful for my sister's hand me downs! On Sunday I pulled out this ADORABLE outfit for little Alexia. Thank goodness we have the same taste in clothes. Thanks you guys...I LOVE the hand me downs and love you even more!

Our little Alexia

We have so enjoyed having our little Alexia in our family. I think her favorite person in the world is her big sister Felicity! Whenever we are hanging out Felicity can always make Alexia laugh...hard! It is contagious we are all just laughing together. I love those moments. Alexia is growing so fast it makes me sad. I love seeing her rolling and trying to crawl but I don't want the time to go as fast as it is going. She is VERY interested in food but I haven't started her on rice cereal yet...this coming month I think we will probably try. She has been a pretty bad sleeper so I think the cereal might help. I have been up between 2 and 4 times a night with Alexia. She has been such a good baby during the day I really don't mind the feedings in the night. She is just so fun to be around and I think she will be such a fun kid when she gets bigger. I am so thankful for our little Alexia and her big sister Felicity!

Yes, My treadmill is still broken!!!

I am so frustrated with this treadmill thing. I called the company and they have had my motor board for a week and haven't done anything to fix it. It has been a month since I have had my treadmill....UHHHHHHHH! Anyway, I just hope it works when I get the thing back. The original company that I bought the machine from went belly up so there are no guarantees. I just hope I don't have to go out and purchase another one.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pre-school at my house

A group of us decided to start preschool together. We each do two days a week and this week was my turn. The first day we were missing two of the kids because one was sick and one was out of town. The second day was really FUN! We had a great time learning the letter S and talking about Snakes. I broke out an old picture of Matrix(Our Burmese Python we gave away). We had a fun craft we did. Blowing bubbles with paint in it and then the kids pressed paper down on all the bubbles. The kids had a blast and I did too. I was pretty nervous to do my week but it was awesome...I loved it!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Felicity in the Bathroom

Felicity had a great idea. She decided to put a BUNCH of soap in her hair...fill up a cup...and proceed to dump it on herself to rinse the shampoo out of her hair. I was in the office when I heard her screaming in the bathroom. I RAN in to see what was wrong and I saw Felicity dripping with water and soap running down her face. She was screaming because she got the soap in her mouth and she DID NOT like it at all. The funny thing is the other day Felicity was spitting at Alexia and I told her if she couldn't listen I was going to put soap in her mouth. She FREAKED out just balling. She has never gotten soap in her mouth so Trevor and I both thought it was funny she reacted so strongly to the suggestion of soap in the mouth. I guess now when I threaten her she will know what it tastes like!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Alexia's Dr. Appointment

We tried out a new pediatric Nurse in Fernley. She comes to Fernley every Wednesday so it is pretty convenient. We dropped Felicity off at Malia's (thanks Annie) and went to our first appointment. I am REALLY behind on immunizations for Alexia. She is 5 months tomorrow and she hasn't had a single immunization. The nice thing is they didn't make me feel like a LOSER mom when I went in. They were totally understanding and worked out a schedule to get Alexia caught up. Alexia was NOT happy about her shots. I think that was the maddest I have seen her yet. We ran back and got Felicity after the appointment and she was LOVING the Hyde's new dog--Steve. While I was gone she had asked Annie if she could be PART OWNER of the dog. Annie agreed and Felicity left ecstatic! She is PART OWNER of a dog we don't have to pick up after, I think Felicity got the good end of the deal. Annie, thanks for that!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Felicity's quote of the day

"Mommy, Does the treadmill grow into a flower?" They learned about seeds growing into flowers today in preschool so she was trying to apply that lesson. I told her no and laughed inside.

Back to Preschool

Today Felicity started back to preschool. We rushed around the house to get everyone ready and all of us out the door. It was so nice to have three hours to get some things done around the house. I cleaned, did some laundry, organized a little bit and hung out with little Alexia. After preschool we came home, No whining, no crying...which always constitutes a good day.

I see my part for my treadmill is here and I am stoked...then open the box and once again they have mailed me the wrong part for my treadmill. No, this is not the first time this has happened, it's the second. Call the customer service and told I need to take MY motorboard off of the treadmill, mail it to them, and then THEY will remount it and mail it back. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Anyway, I am NOT going to let it ruin my day, I am NOT going to let it ruin my day, I am NOT going to let it ruin my day. I guess I am going to find alternate exercise for myself. My treadmill has been out of commission for over 3 weeks now and I am missing it terribly! You never realize how much you love your treadmill till it's sitting there broken and worthless. I hope it is up and going in the next couple weeks. Waterpark season is around the corner and I have quite a bit of baby weight to run off! Wish me luck dismantling this beast...maybe I'll have the engineer in the family do it! Yeah, that sounds better.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh what a day

I decided to make a trip into Reno today to do a Costco run, get some stuff for primary, and stop at Michaels for a picture frame. We called some friends to come along with us. It was a LOUD drive in with the girls laughing and playing in the back. Alexia sleeping the whole way and me enjoying the company of another adult to chat with. Felicity starts wining she's HUNGRY so we run to Sonic (NOT my favorite place, We are In n Out Snobs I am afraid!) and get her a burger. She proceeds to eat only the top of the bun and the cheese, doesn't even touch the burger, good thing it was only a dollar. Then run to do our errands. We get to Michaels and a familiar scene emerges....

I am afraid I have created a monster with shopping. Everytime Felicity is with me shopping and has wanted something I give in and give it to her because I don't want the scene. The other day I was at CVS and she wanted to buy this STUPID stuffed animal. Can I just tell you how much I HATE stuffed animals. They take up so much space to store and I just HATE them. I don't know why, I JUST DO!! So there you have it. Anyway, I put my foot down and said NO. So she starts crying in the middle of the store just repeating over and over how she wants this stuffed doggy. I finally tell her if she continues asking she loses her ice cream in the car too. Well she continues screaming and I go to check out as people are just looking at me. After CVS I had to run down the sidewalk to Sally's and Felicity is following just sobbing. I get my stuff and proceed to the check out with Felicity still sobbing. I was pretty proud of myself, I just kept my cool and let her cry. Usually I will give in because I don't want the scene but I decided enough is enough. So...We get back to the car and she calms down and wants her ice cream. I tell her no she lost it because she didn't listen in the store and the sobbing starts all over again....I LOVE IT!!!

So, back to today she wants to buy something at Michaels, She starts with a $12 bunny gingerbread house and I tell her no, then she downgrades to a wind up bunny $3 and I again tell her no we are not buying anything but the frame. She wines the entire time wanting to buy SOMETHING. As we are leaving she has downgraded to the M&Ms at the checkout stand. I again tell her no and she is really upset....wining the whole way to the car and finally letting it go when she is buckled into the car seat. After that my friend had the girls in her cart at Costco and I got a little peaceful shopping done...the girls had a blast...once again being VERY LOUD, and barking like dogs (anyone that doesn't know my Felicity, She LOVES to be a dog) After Costco a quick lunch at Qdoba and rushing home to get ready for dinner.

Tonight was nice we got about an hour with Trevor making dinner and having Family Home Evening. I love the new Nursery manual. We use it all the time for our FHE because it is perfect for Felicity. We were teaching Felicity about the Prophet of the church tonight her response was "Thomas, like Thomas the train, Mommy?" We sang Follow the Prophet and she was loving that then we talked about what the prophet has told us to do. Later she was going to the bathroom and she yells down the hall.."MOMMY, I'm pulling my nipples" I told her we don't do that and she says, "Does the prophet tell us not to?" How do you answer that one?

Today was a good day. I am always thankful for the good ones..the ones I can smile at when the day is over

I have been horrible about blogging. I saw Cylee's book she had printed with her blog and it inspired me to really get going on mine for my kids sake. I want my kids to know how I felt while they were growing up. I wish I knew more how my mom and dad felt as they were raising me. I would love to have been that fly on the wall. Just not on that sticky paper. Remember that Jonnette and Jeanie! I always hated when I ran into one of still grosses me out just thinking about it!