Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our little mini vacation

In October we got to take a little time off and go to Sacramento. We spent some time with our good friends Larry and Wee Gee and went to the Sacramento Zoo. The girls had a blast. The zoo was the perfect size for two small kids. They had enough but it didn't take us all day to go through it. We always have such a fun time when we visit our friends. We celebrated Felicity's birthday with yummy ice cream cone cakes Wee Gee and Felicity made together. I will post more pictures when I get them downloaded.

Felicity's prayers

I have to say I am so proud of my little Felicity. For the past year we have really struggled with trying to get her to say prayers. Whenever we would ask her to say the prayer she would just ask us what to say and repeat whatever we said. We kept explaining to her it was important for her to THINK about what SHE wanted to say to Heavenly Father and pray those things. Well this week she has done a 360. Tonight she asked me if she could say the prayer at dinner and at bedtime. And they were GREAT prayers!!!! I am so proud of her. She would sit and pause when she was thinking of what else she wanted to say. I love seeing my little Felicity growing up to become a little girl...she is no longer my baby that is for sure. Here are a couple things she said in her prayers tonight that gave me a giggle
"Thank you for our skin so we aren't skeletons"
"Thank you for our blood so we are alive"
"Thank you for daddy's job so we can have our house"
"Thank you for our tires not to go flat" (Trevor had two flat tires seriously about 6 months ago but we haven't had any since...Felicity's CONSTANT prayers about our tires must be working!

At the beginning of the month Felicity got up and bore her testimony with Trevor. Of Course Trevor helped her through the whole thing but she did so awesome. She stood up tall talked right into the microphone in front of all those people. I was so proud of her! I get so nervous doing this I can't imagine what it is like for a little four year old.

I just wanted to write this down so I didn't forget when Felicity bore her testimony of the gospel for the first time and to remember her wonderful prayers.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Felicity our little artist

Felicity has been drawing almost every day and she draws the cutest pictures. I just wanted to share her latest drawing with you. It's of Me, Trevor, Felicity, Alexia, Sophie (the dog) and Sheeba (the cat). I think I might frame it up for her. I love it.

Sick day at the card house.

We woke up this morning to Felicity saying she had a fever in her head(A headache). I am just thinking she is sleep deprived but Trevor brings the girls to the kitchen and Felicity starts throwing up! She had the chills then she was hot then she had the chills. I went to church because it was the primary program and I had a part in it. I am so glad I didn't miss this. I felt the spirit so strong as the kids said their parts and sang the songs they knew. I feel so blessed to be a part of the primary...the only sad part for me was not having Felicity there to experience her first primary program. Trevor was so sweet to stay home with the girls so I could go today.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A rough day

This morning I woke up to a messy house grouchy kids and no motivation to do anything. I was busy all day and got nothing accomplished. I still have clothes in the wash that need to be dried...dishes in the sink that need to be washed... and toys on the floor that need to be picked up. Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be better. Here is to hoping for the best....maybe some motivation and a little happier Alexia!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Trip for the Celebration of Shane's life.

We received the news that our good Friend Shane passed away last week so we drove out for his Celebration of life ceremony in Bend, OR. Trevor has know Shane since he was 6 months old and Shane passed away 16 days before his 19th birthday. He was fighting cancer for the last three years and lived his life to the fullest. He did more in his 18 years than most people do in their lifetimes. He was a true gift to those around him. We were constantly amazed by his passion for life and for his example to everyone. He went through many surgeries including the amputation of his leg and still was strong and happy. He truly will be missed. His final request was to donate his body to OHSU to help with Cancer research. What an amazing kid!!!
This picture is of his family and us at the celebration.

We were lucky enough to time it just right for Maddie's birthday!

Maddie and her dad Kelly. We sure liked him he is a great guy!

Felicity and her cousin Tayven

Maddie and Mackenna were Thing 1 and Thing 2. Their mom. Loritta worked super hard to get them all ready but it was worth it! We sure enjoyed the time with Family and friends on the trip.

Our Visit to Bend

We took a last minute trip to Bend and celebrated Halloween with Felicity's cousins Tayven, Tayleigh, Maddy and Mackenna.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I am officially famous in Fernley...Well at least at Walmart

So Trevor comes home for lunch today and tells me a lady at his work that I told about my favorite blog, had a little story about me from Walmart. She went in with her coupons and as she's checking out the checker mentions wow, you have a bunch of coupons...(I guess she knew the checker and never had used coupons before.) Anyway, she tells the checker the wife of a guy she works with told her about this website. The checker asks "does she have curly hair and two little blonde girls?" The woman responds "Yes." The checker proceeds to tell her wow you should SEE her coupon binder!!! Yep, it is official I am known around Walmart as the coupon FREEK! But hey I get good deals and that is all the matters, Right?

I do have to say my coupon binder is big!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the Card bad hair day

Trevor and Felicity found Trevor's mullet in the garage and we couldn't resist...I'm still laughing. I think the best was Alexia. She screamed the entire time we put it on her!

Trevor is pretty creapy in the pic. I definately would cross the street if I saw him coming towards me!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Another shopping trip!

My Smiths Trip. I spent $21 on all this!

Walgreens trips (What a pain but worth it!) $4.50

Target trip $5.55 yeah that is right $5.55

My free 25 prints from walgreens

This is how excited Felicity is about couponing!!

This couponing trip was not for the faint of heart. I ran into town with Alexia for some stuff for the primary carnival on Saturday and figured while I was in town I might as well go shopping at a few of my favorite stores for deals. My target trip was great. The coupons beeped but she still approved them and I gave her a TON of coupons. The walgreens trip was a NIGHTMARE!!! The checker was NOT helpful and I had my whole plan together but it didn't work out. I am on the floor with Alexia crawling around in Walgreens reorganizing my coupons to get the good deal. I would NOT advise a beginner couponer to do this...I was confused and flustered and even sweating(HAHAH)! So I left the first walgreens and went to a different one about 2 miles away and had a way more pleasant experience!!! Some days it is worth it and some days it definately is NOT worth it. Today was frustrating but when I got home and saw what I got for so little I realized it definately was worth it!
I know I'm a geek but I had to share.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Some random pics from the summer

Our little family

Grandma and Grandpa come to visit

Making yummy brownies with daddy

Playing in the sandbox

Everyone attack daddy! The girls love it when daddy gets home from work. Alexia has started bouncing up and down and squealing every time Trevor walks in the door from work. It is so cute to watch them with their daddy!

My sleeping babies

There is something so angelic about a child sleeping. No matter how crazy the kids are and how bad of a day I am having, once they fall asleep...I just love them to pieces. They truly are so special to me. Our little angels(while they are sleeping of course).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

June and July posts below

I am a total slacker and am super behind on my blogging. I will try to catchup over the next week but enjoy the old posts anyway!

Playgroup at the Johnson's

We had some friends come into town so we had an impromptu play group at the Johnson's house. This is a special treat for the kids. They love playing with Dolly, the dog, swinging, playing in the sand and whatever else there is to do. This is one of my favorite yards in all of Fernley with all of the huge trees and beautiful flowers. The other day we flew into Columbus Ohio and as we were landing I told Felicity to look outside at all of the trees. Her response was...Mommy we are by Marilyn's(Johnson) house! Not quite but I got a little giggle out of it.

I just love this pic of Felicity

The Cards from Bend come to visit

Grandma and Tayven

Felicity and Grandpa

Felicity on the new 4 wheeler

Going for a ride

This is Felicity's standard wink. You gotta love it!

Trent, Lorrita and the kids came to visit for Tayven's birthday. We had such a fun time hanging out together,riding the bikes and the new 4 wheeler. We even had a little slumber party in grandma and grandpa's garage. We don't get to see them as much as we would like to. Thanks for making the trip guys!

More pictures from the visit

Trevor and the girls dirtbike riding. I think Trevor already has two fans. Alexia LOVED the dirtbike and would get mad whenever we would take her off.

Lorrita and Tayleigh. We are so thankful Lorrita came into Trents life. She has truly been a blessing in all of our lives especially Trent's!!!

Trent and Alexia. Alexia was attached to Trent the whole visit. I am afraid Alexia is a total daddy's girl. Trevor loves it!

The Card cousins. The girls!

I love this pic of the girls. Felicity just loves her cousin Tayleigh.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summers at the waterpark

This is the third year we have gotten season passes for the waterpark and I LOVE it. This has been an awesome year for Felicity...She is getting so independent. She will go down the slides herself and carries the tube all by herself. This is a good thing because Alexia HATES the water. I put her toes in and she freaks out. My friend came with us the other day for the first time and her little girl loved the water....oh well, tis life right! Anyway, even though I have to carry Alexia everywhere we go and FORCE her to get in the water kicking and screaming the whole time...I really am enjoying the summer so far and it has just begun! I am so thankful for good friends to go with. I know I wouldn't go as much as I do if I didn't have fun people to hang out with while we are there. Since the waterpark is in Reno we get there about twice a week which is plenty for me and the girls. I count this as one of our blessings in life, having a wonderful waterpark to play in all summer long!