Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summers at the waterpark

This is the third year we have gotten season passes for the waterpark and I LOVE it. This has been an awesome year for Felicity...She is getting so independent. She will go down the slides herself and carries the tube all by herself. This is a good thing because Alexia HATES the water. I put her toes in and she freaks out. My friend came with us the other day for the first time and her little girl loved the water....oh well, tis life right! Anyway, even though I have to carry Alexia everywhere we go and FORCE her to get in the water kicking and screaming the whole time...I really am enjoying the summer so far and it has just begun! I am so thankful for good friends to go with. I know I wouldn't go as much as I do if I didn't have fun people to hang out with while we are there. Since the waterpark is in Reno we get there about twice a week which is plenty for me and the girls. I count this as one of our blessings in life, having a wonderful waterpark to play in all summer long!

Monday, June 22, 2009

ok, you can call me a LITTLE crazy!

I have become a LITTLE over the top with the coupon thing lately. I never realized you could buy lots of coupons on E-Bay did you? Anyway, I found the deal of the century last week and had to share it with all of you. I got 12 reams of paper and two boxes of 4X6 photo paper for a SCREAMING DEAL at staples. I found this website called common sense with It is an awesome site that shares info about good deals at different all should check it out. A couple other sites I found is, and faithful Anyway, I find this scenario on the website that tells me how to purchase this paper. After it is all said and done on a purchase that would have been about $84.00 I spent $3.50 + taxes! Even with taxes added in I spent about .65 cents per ream of paper and got the photo paper free!!! I think I have paper for us for the entire year. Trevor just picked up 1 ream of paper the other day from Wal-Mart for the same amount I paid for ALL of my paper! I just wanted to share my awesome deal...I'm trying to make mom proud! Next time I find an awesome deal I will share the info a little sooner!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Card Family Pictures

As many of you know Trevor has been SUPER busy with his two jobs so we have been major slackers on getting a family picture. Alicen was GREAT and took some awesome pictures of the girls(Way better than JC Penny's Did) but Trevor wasn't there and he doesn't have the time for a road trip to Utah! Anyway, Trevor's brother was in town with his family so we went in early on Saturday and got some pics done. I really HATE taking family pictures because there is so much pressure and with kids it is always crazy...(I don't know how mom ever did it with 12) Alexia was a nightmare but thanks to some practice with Alicen Felicity was a perfect cheeser! All things considered I was happy with the pictures. It is sad Alexia is 9 months and this is our first official family picture...besides the ones we took ourselves. In the future we will be better, I hope!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Felicity our little potty mouth...but she doesn't know it!

A fun picture of the girls at the Memorial Day BBQ me and the girls went to without Trevor, he was busy working! We had a blast and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.

Two days ago Felicity, Alexia and I were laying on the floor in their bedroom playing. Lately Felicity has been spelling things and asking me what they spell. So as we are laying there she says what is SSSAASSS spell mommy? I say Sas. Then she says what does AAAAASSSSSS spell mommy? I started laughing and she asks what is so funny. I played it off and told her Alexia was tickling me and making me laugh..She jumps on me and starts tickling me and all is forgotten for her but I am still chuckling a few days later.

Another thing Felicity has been doing lately is rhyming which always concerns me a little because of the words kids can come up with while Rhyming. I have noticed most of the time while she is rhyming she puts a B in front of whatever word she is saying and for the last few months nothing bad has come of it but today she rhymed pitcher replacing the letter with B. I really didn't know what to say so I didn't say anything. I didn't want to bring attention to it but again (Being a bad mom!!) I got a little giggle out of it. I figure it is all innocent unless she starts using the word on a regular basis then I may have to explain the word is not a good word! Maybe when she reads this when she's 16 she'll get a little giggle out of this post too!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where have the cards been?

Wow, it has been a long time since I have been on here. I have been quite the slacker and a bit overwhelmed with life. I have come to realize two kids are ALOT more work than one and I am having quite a time trying to stay on top of everything. The last few days Felicity and I are having a power struggle. It is in and out of time out pretty much all day long. Last night I prayed for patience with my little girl. She woke her sister up twice..which means a very grumpy Alexia which means a very grumpy mommy. Alexia doesn't take very long naps and that quiet time is very precious time to me! I told Felicity she was in trouble for waking Alexia up and she got this little attitude with me. I told her she could NOT go out with daddy and work in the yard tonight and she told me..."I'M GOING TO DO WHAT I WANT TO DO!!!" I put her in time out and she screamed the whole time! What a night. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself because I know I should be a more loving patient mom even though I am NOT! I guess I just need to keep praying for help because she is only three and If this keeps up it could get really interesting by the time she is a teenager!

Some Funny quotes from Felicity:

They are twins, mommy! They look the same." Refering to Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.

"Mommy, you are a nurse" (as she is coloring a picture of a nurse) "No, hunny mommy is not a nurse but your aunt Treena is." No mommy you ARE a nurse(pause), you nurse Alexia all the time!"

Thank goodness for these funny moments to make up for all the crazy moments!