Monday, October 5, 2009

I am officially famous in Fernley...Well at least at Walmart

So Trevor comes home for lunch today and tells me a lady at his work that I told about my favorite blog, had a little story about me from Walmart. She went in with her coupons and as she's checking out the checker mentions wow, you have a bunch of coupons...(I guess she knew the checker and never had used coupons before.) Anyway, she tells the checker the wife of a guy she works with told her about this website. The checker asks "does she have curly hair and two little blonde girls?" The woman responds "Yes." The checker proceeds to tell her wow you should SEE her coupon binder!!! Yep, it is official I am known around Walmart as the coupon FREEK! But hey I get good deals and that is all the matters, Right?

I do have to say my coupon binder is big!