Friday, September 26, 2008

Alexia's first three weeks in photos

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another doctor visit another adventure

Today was Alexia's 2 week check up. Everything was going great until her clothes came off and I had to change her diaper. As I am chatting with the nurse about how often she eats and how often she needs diaper changes I forget that I am mid diaper change. All the sudden there is a shot of pooh that traveled about two feet. All over my shirt and jeans and all over the floor and table!!! I brought two sets of clothes for Alexia but I didn't plan on needing a change of clothes for myself!! I had plans to meet friends at the park after the appointment then off to Costco. I just threw Alexia's snuggli on and covered as much of the mess up as I could. I wish I had pics but I didn't have the camera. I will just leave it to your imagination! We really did have a good day. We were in Reno/Sparks for close to 8 hours and the girls did great.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Felicity's 3rd birthday

We had a great day for Felicity's birthday. We met some friends at the Family Fun Center in Fernley and Felicity had a blast. The Play center was actually closed but they opened it up for us so the kids could play. After that we came home and watched Aristocats (one of Felicity's favorite movies). We had dinner and then went to Steve's Homemade Ice Cream shop and got some ice cream cones to celebrate. Alexia slept most of the time but we had a great time celebrating. I can't believe Felicity is 3!!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trevor decided to bring Felicity up to camp on Grandpa's property with Grandpa and the Powelson family (Our long lost 2nd cousins on Trevor's side). I stayed home with Alexia while they all left on Friday night and got home Saturday night. They brought the dirtbikes out and rode the kids all over while enjoying watching the Reno Air Races. There are only 20 air races held in the entire world so this is a huge event in Reno. Grandpa's property is right above the air race stadium so the planes get really close. Felicity and Trevor had a great time watching the planes and riding the dirt bikes.

I really enjoyed this one on one time with Alexia. This week has been a little ruff adjusting to the two kid thing and returning to the diaper thing. I was more tired than I thought Alexia and I slept in till 12:00 yep noon!!! I couldn't believe it but I felt well rested. The rest of the day I just got to enjoy her. She is such a good baby and she sleeps alot! Mostly during the day.

Some fun facts about Alexia
1. She gets the hiccups every time she eats
2. After she burps is when the hiccups come
3. She is a GREAT eater...much better than Felicity
4. No diaper can keep everything in. I have a full load of stuff she has pooped on just from today. (I don't know that huggies are doing the job!)
5. She had a few adorable smiles in her sleep and she even laughed today while she was dreaming

I REALLY enjoyed this special day and I'm thankful for a husband that gave me a much needed break!

The Reno Air Races

Felicity and her friend/3rd cousin Chloe hanging out at Grandpa's property

Felicity and Grandpa on Grandpa's property enjoying the planes during the Reno Air Races

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quite a day at the Dr. Office

We had quite the day today! We were rushing out the door to get to town on time. We had to rush over to St. Mary's to get the PKU test they forgot to take for Alexia while we were in the hospital. After that visit Alexia was hungry so I fed her in the parking lot and she filled her pants. I went to change her and she started going potty then as I am trying to clean that up she poops all over!!!! I was a LITTLE frustrated. I got her cleaned up and we rushed over the the Dr. Office. I figured to save time I would schedule Felicity's 3 year check up and Alexia's newborn wellness check up all on the same day. Felicity was NOT happy. I thought the dentist office visit was bad, this was worse. We had to do the hearing test about ten times because she wouldn't stop moving and crying. Alexia (newborn) only took one time. She freaked when she had to stand on the scale to weigh and she freaked when they measured her!!! I am just glad there were no shots because that may have put us both over the edge. At least she is healthy. She weighs 26lbs and is almost 3 feet tall. And her hearing is fine! Alexia did pretty good with all of her tests just a little crying but she was happy as can be when we left. She was 7lbs. 11oz and 21 inches long. She is a much better eater than Felicity was. I thought you all would get a kick out of the pictures. The first is before the visit, the last two are after...notice who is red from crying!!!

Alexia is definately not fond of the sponge bath...but Felicity sure enjoys helping

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The cowboy hat

Felicity found this hat in the garage and came running into the kitchen telling me she was a cowboy. I think she is the cutest cowboy I have ever seen!!!

Going Dirt Bike Riding

Felicity loves going dirt bike riding with Trevor and he loves going with her. They go out right behind our house on BLM land exploring. They always come back to tell me what they saw. This time Felicity told me they saw LOTS and LOTS of pooh! Some was big and some was small she said. Usually there are some better things to see.

We have decided Felicity needs a new helmet...the baseball helmet is probably not the safest helmet. I think that is what we are getting Felicity for her birthday a new helmet that matches her daddy's. I will feel a little better knowing she has a good helmet when they are out and about on the bike.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Alexia is here

Alexia joined our family on Friday September 5th, 2008 at 3:45 P.m. We have loved every minute of our time with her. Felicity is truly in love with her and won't leave her alone. We are so happy and thankful that she is a healthy and happy baby. She weighed 7lbs. 13oz. and is 21 inches long. Trevor and I both think she looks alot like Felicity. She has a similar nose, mouth, and chin. Alexia Jean Card welcome to this big world!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Felicity's first day of pre-school

Felicity loved her first day of pre-school. There are only four kids in her class and they worked on their names. Felicity can tell you how to spell her name but she hasn't gotten the writing thing down yet.